The Port de Valldemossa and adieu.

The Port de Valldemossa
The Port de Valldemossa
The village
The Port de Valldemossa
The Port de Valldemossa
Road from Valldemossa to the port
Road to the port
A brief stop on the road to the port
The port
The port and the village
Paella with lobster at the Restaurant de Port de Valldemossa
The blogger ready to attack the lobster

I didn’t really appreciate until yesterday the fact that the town of Valldemossa is located rather high in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains at almost 1700 ft. elevation.   My taxi teip down to the cute little Port de Valldemossa however on a narrow winding mountain road, frequently with no guard rail at all and too narrow for cars coming up and down to pass each other without somehow pulling a little to the side.  The scenery however is spectacular and my driver was a veteran of the road so I was not really afraid of a disaster during our ride down for my port side lunch and our return. The port area is small but a great place to swim and the lone restaurant has a good reputation.  There is no commercial port activity but there is a small contingent of pleasure crafts docked there and a fair number of tourists walking about, a few children swimming and my dining neighbors at the port restaurant.  My Airbnb hosts Marc and Daniel had recommended the Paella at the port restaurant and so lobster with saffron rice Paella was my lunch portside.  A British couple from Kent helped entertain me during lunch although the sea air was rather cool.  I should add that the Paella was delicious and the Marques de Caceres Rioja Rose’ 2015 was a perfect accompaniment.

Valldemossa in clouds and fog on 20 October 2016

Last night the weather in Valldemossa  turned foul with light rain all of last night and continuing today and our village shrouded in fog and clouds nestled into the valleys and streets.  Unlike the sun and warmth I had experienced during my time in Palma and earlier this week in Valldemossa, I can now appreciate what the winter of 1838-39 must have been like for Frederic Chopin and George Sand living within the cold, damp, stone walls of the Carthusian Monastery for almost 3 months. Today is my last day in the lovely town of Valldemossa and this afternoon I will move to the town of Soller, farther along the northeast coast of Mallorca.  This will be my final Airbnb stay before I begin my return home on 28 October.  I hope the weather will improve because Mallorca is not so much fun in the cold, rain and fog. Happily at about 2 pm the sky is becoming brighter and a few patches of blue sky are visible between the clouds.


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