Summer to Autumn in 24 hours in Paris 10th.

Yesterday it was 81 degrees with clear blue skies and today it is raining, overcast and 64 degrees here in the 10th in Paris.  Last night I dined at Hotel du Nord alongside the Canal St. Martin and you will see photos of that excellent experience.  The restaurant was recommended by my delightful host Floriane.  It was too early for a full Parisian dinner menu but the abbreviated menu  provided me with some excellent choices which included a very nice Lette beer on tap ( I don’t always drink beer but when I do …), a deconstructed Croque Monsieur sandwich which was accompanied by a tasty green salad.  You will notice the photo of my Leffe beer.  The Notre-Dame de Leffe Abbey was established in 1152 and the monks began to brew beer in 1240!  Brewing was interrupted during and after the French Revolution but was resumed in 1929.  My Leffe had a crisp, full bodied, refreshing flavor unlike the many bland beers available in the USA although craft beer brewing  is quite popular in the US these days and has resulted in some excellent beers, so I understand but as I mentioned, I don’t usually drink beer, so perhaps I do not have a good base for comparison. The people watching was very colorful as I enjoyed my beer, my dinner and coffee while many couples strolled along in the late summer sunshine on the cobblestone path beside the canal, all within a few steps of my vantage point.  People on bicycles, mothers with their children, runner out for afternoon exercise, young and old alike passed within my view. I find that the canal lends a feeling of a bucolic countryside within the urban environment with it’s hustle and bustle, sirens rending the air from time to time and people hurrying to and fro amid the traffic and congestion similar to that of other large cities around the world but with it’s own unique Parisian flair.  This morning dawned grayand overcast with light rain which by now has stopped and the sky is brighter but still overcast this afternoon.  Tonight I will dine at the Auberge St.-Antoine in the 11th with report to follow tomorrow.


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