Days two and three in Quito

For the first time I had a problem with the WordPress site.  Last night I composed a blog for day two of my trip but when I went to add photos they wouldn’t upload so I tried to publish just the verbal portion but again. no luck and I ended up loosing everything!  Well, it’s only a travel blog so I did not let it upset me.  No swearing, stamping my feet, throwing things and verbalizing how much I hate computers which would have been my normal response.  Once when I did that at my apartment in Manhattan Beach the neighbor called the police and told them that I was engaging in physical abuse of someone and the police did a search of my apartment before they would accept that no one else was there and that all of the fuss was over an uncooperative computer!!   So, to avoid that situation I am going to keep this blog short until I determine if the WordPress website and I are getting along and and if I can upload photos.  If that goes well I will reconstruct the verbal portion!!  Well, so far so good!!  The featured image is yours truly at the Cuidad Mitad del Mundo, the city at the middle of the world, with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the southern hemisphere and the equater running down the middle.


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