Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Hello from the city of Matagalpa in the northern part of Nicaragua and at about 3000 ft. elevation much cooler than either San Juan del Sur or Granada.  The city is home to about 120,000 but the total metropolitan population is about 450,000.  We arrived yesterday to the end of one of the most popular local equestrian festival which apparently included a rodeo on Saturday and was notable yesterday for all of the locals in “cowboy” and “cowgirl” outfits.  One of the characteristics of Latin American countries is very loud music  of a variety of genres in a very festive spirit.  Latin American people love to have fun listening to music and dancing.  Our lodging for our 4 night stay in Matagalpa is in the delightful “Marias B & B”, centrally located, beautifully decorated in Nicaraguan native art and with very modern touches such as A/C, good speed wifi, very comfortable beds, excellent bathrooms and showers and lovely common areas.  Our breakfast this moening of yogurt, museli, fresh fruit, eggs, toast, juice and Nicaraguan coffee was very delicious.

Today we visited two of the many highlights of Matagalpa, the Carols Fonseca home site and Museum and the Cathedral San Pedro in the central city square.  Carols Fonseca has been called the “Malcom X” of the Sandanista Revolution.  Born in the small house we visited to a very poor family, he rose in the 1960s and 1970s to be a beloved poet, author and perhaps most notably in 1976 to be a martyr of the revolution.  Betrayed by a Somoza informant he we executed and his body was mutilated and his hands cut off to avoid him being identified but in spite of his early death at age 40, he remains a hero of the Sandanista Revolution and a symbol of the struggle of the Nicaraguan people against exploitation and poverty.  I knew a little about Nicaragua from the “Iran-Contra” scandal during the Regean presidency in the USA but I had never heard of Carlos Fonseca.  I was fascinated by this young man’s dedication to his people, his country and to freedom.  The USA is, in my opinion, very much in need of people like Carlos Fonseca to counter the descent of my country into an oligarchy of the filthy rich!

Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Carlos Fonseca, travel
Carlos Fonseca Museum
Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Carlos Fonseca, Sandanists, travel
Carlos Fonseca Amador
Nicaragua, Matagalpa, travel
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Nicaragua, Matagalpa, travel
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Nicaragua, Matagalpa, travel,
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Nicaragua, Matagalpa,Marias B & B, travel
Marias B & B
Nicaragua, Nicaragua, travel, flowers, green door
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Sandino, Nicaragua, Sandanistas, assassinated,
Augusto Cesar Sandino



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