Granada, Nicaragua

Today was our first (and last) full day in Granada this beautiful and most historic of Nicaraguan cities.  Amazing architecture, colorful buildings, friendly, welcoming people great food!  What is not to

Parrot, Cigar, girl with cigar, Korean with Cigar and Parrot, travel, Nicaragua
Peculia combination in Granada, Nicaragua

like about Granada?  We have been blessed with some overcast skies to cool the moist air and accompanied by some breezes we have been able to handle the hot, humid climate.  The, of again on again, air conditioning in my room at the Hotel Casa San Francisco, run by two amazingly entrepreneurial women, allows one to cool off from time to time.  See a few amazing photos of the flora and fauna we saw on our boat tour of Las Isletas in Lake Nicaragua as well as a few of the city itself.  Tomorrow we head for the city of Matagalpa up in the Nicaraguan highland.  Stay tuned!!

monkey, Nicaragua, travel, Granada
Las Isletas, Granada, Eucador
Lake Nicaragua, Granada, flower
Lake Nicaragua
Egret, bird, Lake Nicaragua, travel, Nicaragua, Granada
Las Isletas Lake Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua, horse and buggy, travel
Granada, Nicaragua
Churches, Cathedral, Granada, Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua
baseball, shirts, Nicaragua, Granada, travel
Granada, Nicaragua

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