Tribute to Pierre Boulez

I finally made it to Le Poisson Rouge, a music venue in Greenwich Village, New York on Bleeker Street, specifically for the Tribute to Pierre Boulez, conductor, composer and champion of “New Music.”  What exactly do I mean by the term new music?  As a general rule it is music which pushes the boundaries of what is considered.  Many people might consider Arnold Schoenberg as a pioneer of new music with his 12 tone system which eschewed the older classical music traditions of melody and harmony.  I am no musicologist but composers like John Cage, John Adams and yes, Pierre Boulez would, I think, be considered composers and exponents of new music.  Unfortunately for me, I became suddenly ill with severe nausea followed by chills and vomiting which required my sudden and untimely departure from the Pierre Boulez tribute less than half way through the show.  I was able to see and hear Taka Kigawa on piano, Miranda Cuckson on violin and Vasko Dukovsky on clarinet all performing elegant and moving solo works by Boulez. The works they played would definitely qualify in my estimation at least, as new music.  I am so sorry that I could not stay for the rest of the tribute but luckily I am feeling much better this morning and I plan to see King Charles III today at 3 pm so more about that later.


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