Noises Off by The Roundabout Theater Company

Greeting from “The Big Apple!”  My flight yesterday from LAX to JFK on Jet Blue was about as easy and trouble free as an airline flight today can be.  Even the trip in to my hotel The Millemium Broadway at 145 45Th Street was rather easy.  I love this hotel because it is so conveniently located that all of the Broadway shows are just steps away and the hustle and bustle of Times Square is right around the corner.  I had a pre-show dinner of grilled salmon with spinach and cubed fried potatoes at Osteria al Doge a Venitian themed restaurant right across the street from my  hotel.  I recommend it highly.  The food is excellent, the ambiance is classic as is the “New York” service and the wine list has many bottles as well as wines by the glass with a preponderance, as one might expect, of Italian varietals.

After dinner it was “Noises Off” a production of The Roundabout Theater Company at the American Airlines Theater on 45th Street.  What can one say about “Noises Off” except that is perhaps the funniest theater play ever devised.  Based on a play by Michael Frayn, it might be most aptly described as door slamming hilarity and Sardines, yes Sardines, they keep turning up.  The basis of the play is actors playing actors trying to rehearse and perform a play.  The opening is a dress rehearsal which sets up the story of the plays characters, entrances, exits, key lines and props assuming all is to go well BUT it doesn’t!!  Gossip, romance, fiascos and malaprops all conspire to turn things into the most laugh out loud, side splitting laughter that you can possibly imagine.  A superb cast, doors that stick when they are supposed to open, open when they should stay closed and yes, Sardines all combine to make an unforgettable evening of comedy.  Don’t miss it if you have a chance to see it.  You will never forget it and your sides will ache from laughing so hard.


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