T Minus One Day

Tomorrow is my departure from Los Angeles to New York.  I am due to arrive at JFK Airport at 2:45 pm so I anticipate having plenty of time to get in to NYC and my Times Square hotel well in advance of  the Roudabout Theater production of “Noises Off” at 8 pm.  It  appears that the weather in New York will be cold by Manhattan Beach, California standards but rather mild by New York City standards and so far at least, no snow!!  Unexpected heavy snow storms can bring New York City to a dead stand still so I am hoping that no such thing occurs during my visit.  My sister, who still lives in Buffalo, told me that the first snow in Buffalo this year was not until January 3, the latest date for snow in Buffalo in recorded history.  I am a firm believer in the Science of Climatology and in fact, in Science in general and I can’t help thinking that these very mild conditions not only in New York but also in London and Paris are a result of Global Warming.

I will have a review of Noises Off here on my blog no later than Saturday morning so stay tuned.  I saw Noises Off many years ago here in Los Angeles and I remember it as one of the most hilariously funny plays that I had ever seen, although my main memory of the play is one of slamming doors and riotous laughter from the audience.   I am really looking forward to this new performance.  I have a busy day scheduled on Saturday too, including “A View from the Bridge” an acclaimed play by the famous American playwright (and short term husband of Marilyn Monroe !) of the 20th century, Arthur Miller, at 2 pm and then at 8 pm “The Gin Game” with James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson.  I will have a review of both of those performances as well for you my faithful readers, no later than Sunday.  You probably realize by now that travel and the arts, including theater, painting and sculpture, dance, photography, opera and classical music (and also classic Rock) are passions of mine, so look forward to lots more to come on those and other, subjects.  Just a sneak preview that after my current trip I will be going to Nicaragua in February to scout it out as a possible retirement destination.  I hope to keep my readers entertained and enlightened and I welcome any suggestions or comments from readers.



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