T Minus 3 Days

Getting ready for an extended trip involving several flights, two foreign countries, being sure to meet airline luggage requirements, have passports, etc. I find rather stressful.  With 3 days to go there is not much time to attend to many details.  I have found that making lists of what I should bring for my checked luggage (one bag) my carry on luggage (one bag) and my briefcase helps very much.  I try to keep my lists from one trip to the next and add anything that I might have forgotten on one trip so that I remember it the next trip.  I will confess that I am rather a “travel nut”, always looking for new and interesting places to visit. This trip will be New York City, London and Paris.

Before I go though, there is very good news for my hometown of Manhattan Beach, California and the name of the good news is RAIN!  We have been in a severe drought here for going on 5 years but with the prediction of “El Nino” this year we are hoping for lots of rain and last night and today the heavens delivered.  I have added a photo of my Ficus plant outside on my porch dripping rain drops for the first time in many, many months.  Those of us who live in Southern California are used to droughts for several years and then a rainy year or two but the past 5 years have been very dry so this rain and hopefully more will be most welcome.


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