New York, London, Paris 2016

Hi, Dr. Ron, otherwise also known as “UncleRon” turned 77 today in Manhattan Beach, California.  I have been intending to start a blog for a long time but finally I am started.  On Friday January 8 I will depart for New York City, then on to London and finally Paris.  I will be attending some exciting Broadway shows as well as the Metropolitan Opera while in New York and I plan to review my experiences there on this blog so stay tuned!  In London I will be attending the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of the so-called “history plays” including Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 and finally Henry V all within a 3 day period.  A sort of Shakespeare marathon!  My trip to Paris was prompted by a wish to show the terrorists of the world that I am not afraid of them.  In fact, I plan to visit all of the sites of the November terrorist attacks in Paris to show my solidarity with France and the French people.  I have visited France over 25 times since my first visit in 1980 and outside of the US it is my favorite country in the whole world.  So stay tuned as I will be posting some pre-trip blogs and then writing almost every day during my trip.


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